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Sata II on Sata 1 mobo? or just Sata2 questions


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hi there, a friend wants to buy a new computer from strach and ask me for some advice. seems that sata 2 hard drives are much cheaper then sata hdd for some reason. Is it possible for a sata 2 drive to work on a sata only mobo? i mean do the connectors fit and stuff? i dont want to go into the debate about which is faster or theoritically faster, just want to know if its compatible with each other.


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They both have the same size/shape socket and use exactly the same cable.
If you want something that performs fast, you're probably better off getting WD Raptor. Heard it performs better than most SATAII drives since the disk spins at a higher rpm than any other drives out there.


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ya i know, hehe look at my sig im using raptors on raid 0 now. im just curious do i need like a motherboard enabled sata 2, to use it. i dont think he cares bout the speed, hes more on price since its cheaper then sata hdd's.
you can use a sata2 disk on a sata1 board as long as the disk is set to sata1 mode before powering on.

But its best to get a sata2 board as soon as viable :) (could be an add-on cad rather than a whole new motherboard mind)


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ming was referring to the new Raptor X (150GB, 10000RPM, 16MB). Retails for $350.00 with the window and $300.00 without.

And it does (according to benchmarks I've seen) perform better than any SATA 2 drive.


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thx guys for the feedback, just wanted to know if sata2 works on asata 1 board. lol yea i saw the raptor x already. would love to own one myself but emm the price is 4x of my raptor so emm yea no thx. me = no $$


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Yes it will but only at SataI speeds... not to worry because the Raptors, like has been said like three times outperform the Sata2s (so far)

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