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SATA HD "catching" while in use

I've had a Seagate ST3120026AS 120gb SATA HD running on my Asus an78s-dlx mobo (latest bios) running great for the last 4 months, about 3 days ago my system started to "catch" sort of pause in the middle of whatever it was doing and freeze for a few seconds. Sometimes it would during a game, or websurfing, or sometimes when nothing was going on other than the computer being on.

Whenever it occurred, the HD would make a sort of beep and then click and repeat it while the mouse was frozen. This happens sometimes only for 1 click, sometimes for 6 or more. The sound is as if the hard drive were just "catching" only way to really describe it.

I hadn't updated any drivers, software, or anything prior to this onset of this and ran spyware and virus detection just to check. Used Norton to defrag and check disk structure and nothing has changed the occurrence.

It's random, sometimes happens once every few others, other times once every few minutes.

Sometimes if I leave my computer on overnight, the next morning the screen is black except for some white text saying something about a system disk error, sort of like when you reboot with a regular floppy still in the a: drive.

Anyone have any idea what might be up? Coincidentally, about the same time (night before first noticed occurrence) my backup computer's HD started having problems. I turned it off before bed, got up and turned it on and it would start loading XP then a blue screen will flash for a split second before it restarts itself again, will do this over and over and over til i just turn it off.

Anyways, anyone have an idea? sorry for long post, just wanted to provide good info.

System specs are:

AMD athlon xp 2500+ OC'd to 3200+ (highend cooler and AS5 since day one, runs cool)
Asus a7n8x-dlx
2x512 pc 3200 ram Geil
120gb sata Seagate
ATI radeon 9800 pro
antec 375watt PS

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Open the case & check the seating of all the cables. Make sure they are connected properly. Just a little off & you will get a clicking noise that will eventually kill the drive.


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Hey digerati as it has happened on two of your computers i would also suggest doing a deep virus scan with some "up-to-the-second" antivirus software. The pauses could be the virus playing havoc?

(nice setup by the way very simular to mine, same ram, same(ish) motherboard same GFX ad same(ish) hdd) ;)
If you're lucky, it's the cable. But it most likely sounds like your drive is dying. Make backups now! Then RMA the thing if you still have warranty.

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