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Mr. Sushi

Awhile ago i posted a pretty active topic about how to organize the mp3s in windows media player alphabetically and have it stay that way the next time you open it up? well even after that thread i still have no idea. does anyone have the heads up? this is what i do

i open up my windows media player

go to all audio in media library

hit the title bar on the top to make all the mp3s below it to be organized alphabetically... and it shows up. than i open up WMP after closing it and the order is all organized by creation date again

Mr. Sushi

also can anybody explain to me why winamp takes up more CPU? it doesnt seem like it should it does lag me while WMA doesnt. i run a 1.8 ghz with 256 memory

Mr. Sushi

i run a 256 ram with 1.8 ghz. if anyone wants proof up winamp taking up more CPU and ram in my task manager i'll upload a screenshot

Mr. Sushi

while taking the screenshot i found the answer to my problem? the visualization thing brings it from 00 precent to like 75 percent? still dont know why though. i like windows media player more though. does anyone know hwo to answer my question i posted in the first topic?


Old School XPeriencer
I would go with winamp for the skins and plug-ins (MilkDrop). to your question......

I have all my music in one folder, lets call it, "music".

Then, within that folder, are all the other small folders of bands and albums and what not. But you need to have atleast one stand alone Mp3 or .wav along side the sub-folders in the main folder.

If you double click that folder (play that file) via the eject button in winamp, it will always go to that "music" folder until you double click some other Mp3/.wav file.

I've never really used WinMediaPlayer for music, but it might be worth a try.

Mr. Sushi

i dont think that would work but what are some good plug ins for winamp and what do they do?


Old School XPeriencer
Just goto Winamp and you'll find everything you need.

There are a few MilkDrop screenshots here .

And of course they have the dancing women and what not. Quite a few nice skins and plug-ins though if you look around a bit.


What you have to do is create a new playlist and copy all the names of your song into there.

Then you can move them up and down in any order you want and they will stay that way.

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