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Salvaging my V3t Razr


My year old V3t Razr recently stopped functioning properly. The device keypad will blink about 1Hz when turned on, but the LCD backlight will not light up(although I can barely see that the lcd itself is still displaying colors, it looks like the boot up screen with the motorola logo perhaps), and button presses do not do anything(no audio response). I purchased 2 new batteries, all the same as the original(BR50) but none correct the problem after trying to charge them. The water exposure indicators all read white so thats not the problem. I can access the boot loader prompt, and it reads:

SW Version:

ok to program
transfer Mode

Another problem with the device is that upon USB connect to a PC, windows warns that the device is not recognized and I cannot see in the device window. I tried updating the drivers for it using driver download link in the "razr V3 usb driver" topic. The wizard claims that it cannot find a better match even though I pointed it to the newly unziped folder.

I don't know exactly when it broke, I don't use it much, and it was fully charged the day before this happened. I have never even attempted to modify it in any way.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

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