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SafariStand - add thumbnail tabs to Safari!


I may actually be insane.
Not much use to me at 1024x768 (Curse none-widescreen iBooks!), would be nice to use on the PowerMac though, I'd imagine.

Will give it a try here anyway :D

On a side note before I run off and install it, SafariStand actually does a hell of a lot more than this, I had it installed a few times when it was a brand new product :)


I may actually be insane.
The images are a new feature, they didn't exist when I used it. I probably quit using it because I forgot to re-install after an upgrade :D

Either way, it gives me the ability to open "_blank" in a new tab *wibbles with glee* something severely missing from Safari :D

Have it installed right now, the images work nice and (surprisingly) fast, thought it might bog the browser down a bit, but it doesn't at all. Works great.

Didn't realise that the screenshot you attached needed arsing around with interface builder to remove the normal tabs though :ermm: Might have a play with that a bit later :)

p.s. It seems to have broken Quick Reply... may be me fiddling with settings though :p


I may actually be insane.
It's all easy enough, it has it's own preference window:

All you need to do is close Safari and delete the file (or folder, depending how you install it) if you don't like it :)

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