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S2K3 schema modif: x.500 Object ID generation


gothemo overlord
I'm faced with a problem (obviously, or else I wouldnt be here haha)

I came on to a project with an AD that was created under Win2k with
schema modifications (custom attributes). those attributes were
assigned Object IDs with oidgen.exe, since its for an internal site
auth database.

Since then, the server was migrated to 2k3, and iodgen.exe was lost in
the process. I now need to create new attributes again, but I cant
generate the OIDs. is there an interal tool to create them in 2k3? I
dont want to have to go on the MS website and request an official
public OID, since its all internal.

I know iodgen is depreciated, but its all I need.

I dont have the CD for the 2K Admin Tools.

anyone have insight as to how I can generate those?



OSNN One Post Wonder
Can you provide me more information on this matter?

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