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    I have one of those theaters in box, dvd player, decoder, 5 speakers + sub, and I noticed it has a difital (s/pdif) connector in, and I wanted to know if I get a soundcard with digital (s/pdif) out (fortissimo 2) well I be able to use all 5 speakers will it be any better, well it use dolby digital, any one have experince with this type of setup?
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    I think what you're asking is "is it better to run the spdif out of my soundcard to my Dobly Digital decoder than running the (already decoded) analog signal from the soundcard?"

    The answer is "I don't Know"

    It depends on a number of factors (quality of decoders, resampling, etc), but it will probably be better using the spdif. So just go ahead and try it. Chances are that it will be better. And regardless, it's less wires.