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ok i am wanting to turn smart on, on my HDD's and i cant find it in my bios, it is the most up to date one for my board and i cant find it, can someone who maybe has the same board help me???


NTFS Stoner
mabey askin a asus forum would help,

look for the little right arrows in the bios to open a new menu, probably hiding in there.

i cant remember where mine was, but took some finding, damn asus.


NTFS Stoner
motherboard monitor 5 has smart checking, you have to enable it though.

WAIT A MIN, im sure when you go to detect each drive in the initial bios screen that the smart option is in the same menu. you can enable smart per drive and not all or nothing, im sure. (as far as A7V8X anyway)
I'm trying to find SMART in my BIOS too - its definitely not findable.
I need to find AGP Aperture rate too - but thats another matter :p

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