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Russian Spam Mail Invasion - HELP!!


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Somehow my main e-mail address has fallen in to the hands of a Russian Spam Mailer...

I get upto 10 e-mails daily of junk - always advertising the same company(s) but from different addresses so that the junk filter doesn't always work.

I wouldn't mind if it was p0rn but it's all for mobile phones, American Language Courses, even refigerators and washing machines!

It's doing my nut in :mad:

I've tried replying but the e-mails always get bounced back (address not valid) and only a very few have an unsubscirbe feature.

Also not being able to read Russian doesn't help.

Other thing is these e-mails are not always addressed to me?? same last part of name but different begining of address!? :huh:

Anyway I need help!

How do I say unsubscribe in Russian...

* is Russian *

* does evil laugh *

* runs away but feels for Mubbers, spam sucks, regardless of ethnicity :p *

I doubt they'll listen to unsubscribe. You sending them a " cancel letter ' will alert them to your activity and they'll just send you more.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Never, I repeat NEVER reply or unsubscribe from spam. Once they know it is a valid address it will only get worse. Just keep deleting them. Eventually it will settle down..........maybe.


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Originally posted by Hipster Doofus
Never, I repeat NEVER reply or unsubscribe from spam. Once they know it is a valid address it will only get worse. Just keep deleting them. Eventually it will settle down..........maybe.
I know, I know - it was a last resort. I had been leaving it alone for a couple of months. But the point is the replies never got past the postmaster as the senders address didn't exist :huh:

So any suggestions?



The most persistant offender is this "American Language Center" in Moscow - why the f00k would I want to learn English????


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The addresses constantly vary that's the problem. Even though I add them to the block list the next lot still get through :mad:

I even tried mass blocking anything from *.ru but to no avail. :mad: :mad:

I am now on a mission - I found this site which may prove helpful spam.abuse.net if anyopne else knows of tried and tested anti spam measures I'd be delighted to hear them.


A credit card company spammed me once so I e-mailed a copy of SP1 back... never heard from them again...


Glaanies script monkey
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set up a filter that reads the email for the name of the company and if it finds it, it deletes it or sends it to a special SPAM folder.

If you use the rules wizrd in Outlook, it can move emails based on content. Pretty easy to follow.


this might help: Mailwasher

If you use Outlook Express, try setting your Read settings and uncheck the option to automatically download the message when previewing it. That way if the message is in html format it won't send a request to the website for info to download, basically verifying your email address. Reading all mail in plain text too also helpsFor $20 you get the hotmail support

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Did you try Spampal (FREEWARE!!!) ?
It works like hell !
You can set it up to identify all mail from Russia (& other countries you've never been to nor know anyone threre) as spam !
Spampal relies on many blacklists. It taggs spam mails with **SPAM** (can be changed) at the beginning of the Object line, then you just have to set up rules in your mail client (very easy in OE) to directly move tagged mails in desired folder (ie Trash), but check every now and then this folder in case a mail was misjudged as spam.

I installed Spampal 10 days ago, no failure yet !

Spampal (v1.25)


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Thank's y'all!

And thank you for the links ntguru50 and Ant -|- One I shall look into that when I get home... no doubt my PC will be buired under about 150 spam mails by then :(


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