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run program outside xfree86- how?

i have a configuration program that says i need to shutdown all instances of xfree86 before executing it. how do i do this? i tried hitting C when that list of OS's pops so it puts me in a command line, but i cant figure out how to run it from there

i am running KRUD linux on a virtual machine through VMware workstation 4.0 from a windows xp system.

thanks in advance


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check the /etc/inittab config file and see if there are different run levels, try multiuser runlevel, (3 on slackware) that should put you at a terminal with no x running, then the program should be able to be run ./programname or /usr/lib/programname/programname you will have to use pico /etc/inittab to reconfig the file to boot back to GDM or KDM
worked perfectly, thanks!

ok, new question...

im running this config program and its asking

"what is the location of the directory of C header files that match your running kernel?"

how do i find this directory? i dont even know what this means...lol

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