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Run Phone line through PC VOIP / Intercom


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I have a Etherneted house and I want to run the phone through my enet into my PC and out a Phone card. My current network looks like this:

Phone in-->Alltel DSL router-->Linsys 5-port hub-->PC1

How can I set up my Phone so it accesses the phone line via the PC + Enet router???
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Re: Run Phone line through PC

I take you are talking about ip phone? in that case you have to have certian type of equipment to do it.
Re: Run Phone line through PC

I'm confused.

Do you want to get dial up phone into your PC and then tap off of that wire to another device?
Depending on your DSL setup you may not be able to use the DSL wire. In most of the USA the DSL is split out of the phone wire at an outside box. Then the phone and DSL are run throughout the house on seperate wires. There are usually 3 sets of twisted wires in the phone cable in the house. DSL is on one and the other 2 are for phone. Look inside the wall plate for your DSL line and see if there are two unused sets of wires. One or more will be active phone lines that can be wired into another plug to get dial up.

If the splitter used to strip out the DSL has not stripped out the dial up from the DSL line then you may be able to add another splitter on the wire bringing in your DSL to access the phone signal. Not sure if Radio shack, etc. have DSL splitters, if not you will have to go to your phone company. There are some advertised on the web but many links are restricted or say no longer available. My installer left me an extra one. I never tried to use it on my DSL line.

In England they just run one wire into the house and install the DSL/Phone signal splitters at each phone. So you just need a phone line splitter on the cable going to your DSL router.

Do you want Voice over IP?
Requies special equipment to use a service like Vonage. Or there used to be a software package to just use your PC as a phone. Not very user friendly.


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Re: Run Phone line through PC

You know what? I have no idea. I am just gonna find an Instructable that will tell me how to do it. Thanks for being interested (or acting like it.) Just to answer you questions, I have DSL. I want to make a VoIP, as my family owns an at-home business. We have 6 PCs and a Server. I was just wanting to make a 4-way VoIP system.
Re: Run Phone line through PC

You're better off outsourcing that really. I'm only aware of skype supporting that in the USA. I'm sure other US based people can point out IP PBX providers to you :)


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Re: Run Phone line through PC

VOIP? Why didn't you say so?

It depends how much money you want to throw at it...

Simplest/cheapest single-line solution: Sign up for Vonage, Broadvoice, or another similar service, plug an analog phone into the adapter and go. You can go with multiple lines (usually two per adapter), but you won't have the advanced features of a PBX.

Most complex, but sounds like what you really want: Install an asterisk based pbx software package onto a computer (Or a virtual machine), buy voip phone service (Broadvoice will provide service for your equipment... there are other providers, but Junction Networks is the only other one I have personal experience with) setup several VOIP phones (or VOIP adapters connected to analog phones) and configure. The PBX system that I've used the most (and the one that the company I work for resells) is Switchvox... there's a free version available for download.

One of the biggest things to look out for with internet based phone service is that you NEED QoS on whatever router you're using for your internet connection... ESPECIALLY with multiple lines. Otherwise you'll lose phone quality when your connection sees heavy usage... lag, sound breaking up, etc.


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Re: Run Phone line through PC

I dont even want it to go outside my home. just like a 4-way intercom. With extensions. Is there no way? I have a friend who set up a VoIP in his home with just 1 PC and a few phones.


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Re: Run Phone line through PC

Switchvox (Or any of the other asterisk-based software PBX's) with no outside lines will do that. 1 PC and a few phones. You can get an analog card to plug into the PC with 4 phone ports and just use analog phones. Check out digium 4 port fxs cards at either their site or on e-bay.

Or use VOIP phones and you don't need any special equipment in the PC hosting the PBX, but you'll have to program the phones. (Not overly difficult, but there'll be a little more of a learning curve)


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Re: Run Phone line through PC

Your "friend" will not explain to you how to do this?
My "friend" is an IT guy that puts network systems in businesses and such. He had a VoIP that went outside his house onto the local internet/phone network, and I just want it to be inside. A closed-circuit system. Trukkmann, does this program (OfficeIntercom) have to be connected to the internet? And if I click download, is that the trial version?
Too late but. You could probably do the same with Rogerwilco or Ventrillo. Last I checked they were free for up to 8 users. It could also be extended beyond the home if desired.

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