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Okay I was reading an Opensolaris blog and came across this little python script:


runs on unix and will email new rss feed entires to you insted of you having a seperat feedreader.

Probably of use to windows users as well that have access to a unix box that they admin or can get ssh access to.

Yeah, I've seen this before actually and thought it was pretty cool.
Largely a matter of personal preference, but I like to keep my feeds separate from my email though. :)
hmm, that could work rather quite well. Just setup a mail rule to move and incoming mail from "x" address or with "xxx" in the body to a "RSS" folder and I could use that.

But doesnt Mozilla Thunderbird support RSS?
Alot of applications do. I'd use that purely because I can get my servers to do the hardwork and I dont really make use of RSS all that much, every time I try the RSS applications crash or bog down and I give up :p
I dont use anything other than Firefox Live bookmarks, only because i cant find one that does it like NetNewsWire for Mac. But now that im using IE7 i dont even look at RSS now...

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