RSS Guru Need Help!


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10 Feb 2003
If anybody is an RSS guru and thinks they could make this happen I could make it worth their while..

I work for a company that is using a DOS based system which I login to using a secure connection. The program they use looks like its DOS based and outputs as text/html. Accessing the corporate system would have to be done with individual logins and I'm not sure if there is such a thing as authenticated RSS feeds, maybe someone could enlighten me. Maybe even RSS is not the way to go. Ideally whatever solution is created it could be accessed through as smart phone.

Attached is an example of the information needed to be aggregated.


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4 Jul 2009
As far as RSS goes it is meant for public display. Any data which is stored in RSS can be accessed by any other website user by simply subscribing to it.

As far as RSS goes, I havent heard about anything like secure RSS. :eek: If you get any information on this then do share with me.

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