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Roxio problems?



Is anyone else having a lot of "poopoo" problems with Roxio software lately? I got a new system which came with Easy CD Creator 5 Basic. I already owned Platinum which was installed on my old system, with no problems. So I uninstalled Basic from my new system with the intent of putting Platinum in it's place. Uninstall was a headache and I had to manually delete a lot of leftover files and "poopoo". Now today, out of nowhere, my computer won't load up properly...I can't even get into my desktop unless I go into safe mode. I try system restore and everything...no deal. So I call up my tech support and it turns out Roxio is the cause of tonnes of bad registry keys. I go to work to download a Registry cleaner, clean my registry twice and finally get things back to normal. My tech support guy said this is due to Roxio and they have had lots of calls about it. What's the deal here? It worked fine for a few days, and acutally worked flawlessly on my old system. I downloaded all patches from the website. Should I forget about trying to re-install Platinum on my system again? I got rid of Basic again once I got my system back up and am wondering what to do next. I have a Nero program that I could install...........

ps: both systems are XP......my new system is a 1.7G compared to my old 400MHz system.

Edited for "poopoo". Watch the language.


If you have a copy of Nero it is pretty much a no brainer. Just use the Roxio CD for a coaster and use Nero for you burning software.I think most would agree that Nero is just better.
I use both okay, however, having said that Roxio does appear to have problems from viewing all the posts listed here and in other forums, get rid of it.


The Analog Kid
I think the Roxio probs are totatlly dependent on system config. Haaving said that, I think the 5.1 update blows. If you can, update to 5.02 only.


i downloaded 5 platinum because i had v4 and it didn't work on xp, i updated it to 5.1 and have had no problems, just must be your system


The Analog Kid
I've found that it seems to be totally dependant on system. Seeing as I have a heavily modified HP and can't get sh*t for info on the MOBO, I do have some IDE problems.

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