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Roxio 8 Issues


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I have installed Roxio's latest version of their CD Creator Software, version 8, for some testing. I have used Roxio's line forever and like it, so please, no suggestions of switching.

I installed the base product, and then all available updates for it from the retailer. The update was installed after the issue was discovered, and the issue still exists. So it doesn't occur only after the update.

The problem is the program can't see that there is a CD/DVD in the drive to be written to. Nero doesn't have this issue, so obviously the discs and drive is good. I have all the firmware for my drives, not really sure what else to check.

Any thoughts?


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I am also using roxio v8. Mine is working perfectly. It automatically senses whether cd/dvd is there in the drive or not. you go to tools and see the various tools.


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I think that there two situations here:

Nero and Roxio have their own aspi drivers for the burner, Roxio's is the default for XP (Builtin).

You will have to shut down ImapI service for this. That's what I did to have both running on my machine. This was a long time ago.

Might be better to remove Nero for now and retest.



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I can't remove Nero, as I use it more than Roxio for burning DVD's. I use DVD Shrink to rip and then Nero to burn, which is enough of an annoyance but it's the only burning engine that DVD Shrink supports. I know I could rip the files, close DVD Shrink, Open Roxio and then burn them, but that's not worth it when DVD Shrink/Nero can work together and it goes disc-to-disc.

That being said, I have always done things this way, and was previously using Roxio 7, never had an issue. I'll play with some of that stuff though and see what happens.


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Hi KC,

Then maybe do reading on the APSI drivers that control burners.

That's the problems I had a long time ago with Nero.



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The first time I went to use it, which is why I posted this thread, I was logged in as Erica. I had installed it under my profile, but hadn't yet run the application. I was logged in as myself after reading your post, and wanted to give it a shot before messing with anything incase it had cured itself. When I opened the program, it prompted me to install the same update. I'm wondering if the update only installs for the current user, instead of global users. Anyways, after the update, application works fine under my profile and Erica's.

Thanks for the help though guys :)

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