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29 May 2002
I have a wireless router that supplies 2 computers with an internet connection. 1 is hardwired, 1 is wireless.

I have another computer, but no wireless card. I happen to have a spare wireless router kicking around. Can I hardwire connect this other computer to it, and somehow connect the wireless router to the wireless router supplying the internet connection? Is that what an access point is?


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19 Feb 2003
Short answer: No
Long answer depends on the router you have but I seriously doubt it. The only one that may do it is one that supports a third party firmware.

A WAP (Wireless access point) is like a wireless router without the router function. It's job is to provide wireless access only, it converts a wired ethernet network to a wireless signal.

The other way around is called a wireless bridge, when you use the device to connect to a wireless network and convert that to a ethernet connection in order to connect one or more wired device without using a wireless card in each.

My Linksys WAP has the option to be a wireless bridge, BUT it can only connect to the same WAP or the WRT54G wireless router.

Hope that helps.

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