Router w/ no firewall?



Can anyone reccomend a wireless router with no firewall? I don't need a hardware firewall because:

  1. It costs more money
  2. I'm happy with my software firewall (norton 2003)
  3. I don't want the hassle of forwarding ports for my FTP server and future X-Box for online play
  4. I just want the functionality of a hub for networked computers for internet, but I don't wanna pay my ISP for extra network cards (greedy jerks)
  5. I've heard some bad stories about not being able to play online games

    Is a router w/ firewall not that big of a hassle or what? Thanks a lot.


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Routers, because of their nature, are firewalls. Millions of people use todays routers without much hassle. 99% of the problems that people have with their routers are because the people dont know what they are doing and dont care to learn, they just ***** about it.

Any router targeted to home users will have a very easy and intuitive interface with which to forward ports and do just about anything you could want.

I have been using Linksys and Netgear's line of routers for quite sometime now and I find that they are both relatively easy and both work quite well. Of course, I am sure some people have had different experiences.
Ive been using a linksys BEFSR41 for about 6 months now. I like it alot. It has a DMZ Host option that allows 1 computer on your network to be visable to the internet. Its worked great so far for most game servers Ive run, although there are a couple Ive had to forward some ports on because dmz didnt work. It has a browser type interface which I like as well. Simple. The instructions that came with it arent very thorough but the linksys site has a much more detailed version you can d/l from them.


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i also have the BEFSR41... and i don't use the firewall option on it at all. i see em being sold for about $60 sometimes. and more generic brands can be found for cheaper.
get linksys and set yourself as the DMZ host, thats what i did and it works fine. you can also open ports for any computer. it's a great buy.


ive got a linksys wireless 4 port router and i love it. It works great ive played xbox online and it works among running a server and playing games i havent had any problems at all and the user interface is really easy to use


i think i will go for a netgear over a linksys .....advice i got from a sysadmin(former blackhat)


thanks for all your help so far.

My friend recently got a new network with cable broadband. he has a wireless router. He hooked up xbox gamespy and could play for 1 or 2 days, but now it won't connect anymore. I know it is more complicated for playing online with xboxes over the gamespy network, but is this caused by the router?


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If it worked the first two days it isn't the router.

I'm afraid you'll never get past points 3 and 5 with a NAT router. The D-Link DI-604 is very cheap and has very little firewall functions.

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