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8 Dec 2001
I have a Belkin Pre-N router and would like to block some webpages, however Belkin offers a pay service. I really don't want to pay to block webpages and this is for business. My home Netgear has where I can block sites by words and even the http. I would like to know what Pre-N router out there can I block specific webpages without paying extra? Also is there a program that I don't have to install on all computers to block websites, that works with IE and FF.
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easier than blocking .... put an entry for the sites you want to block in the local LMHosts file

make the LMHOsts file point to (this is the local host common Ip)

that way any request to your blocked dns name will resolve to and fail to display in the browser (or anywhere else for that matter)

BTW you can ship a custom lmhost file to the client machine using a logon script. (no install required

if this has helped in any way please click the STAR ... if you need more on this PM me and i will give you a walk through.

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