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I've got a cable modem split into a Linksys BEFSR41 Router, now I need to extend the network. I've got a 3COM Dual Speed Office Connect hub to use. I've made an uplink cable and connected them, status monitors indicate they are active.

Now, any PC that is placed on the hub, set to obtain an IP address automatically, can't do anything on the network or access the internet.

Anyone got any quick tips to get it working?



What do you mean by "made" an uplink cable? You should use a regular CAT-5 cable for your uplink from your hub. Do not use a crossover cable as the router's uplink port is designed to use a regular cable.
yikes, that's scary!

extending your network should be simple. i have the same router and simply plug in rj45 cables to open ports on the router (not wan or uplink) and directly into other computers.

you really don't need a hub, unless you've already run out of ports on the router. hubs tend to slow down network speeds.
Well apparently he needs more ports, and a hub will do well.

Things to try:
- Do the LED indicators on the hub and router light up on the uplink cable? I kind of gathered that they are, just want to make sure.
- Does it work with another cable? A short one, not home-made?

Also, try setting the computers connected to the hub at 10 or 100 Mbit (whatever the hub can handle) at half duplex instead of just auto. A hub can only cope with half duplex whereas a switch can handle full duplex. The auto function isn't allways too reliable.


I had a similar problem with a wireless PCI card and Linksys wireless router. Try getting the IP address, DNS server, etc. off the the router's config screen and manually plug them into the computer(s) connected to the hub.

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