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Router/ADSL Help


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Ok, Need help setting my new adsl router correctly, it is using a conexant chipset here is a screeny of the config page:

I saw something about DMZ which I was told I need enabled if i need to use msn to send files etc so how do I set that up? it just has got enable/disable DMZ and then DMZ ip ?

Any help would be great,




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To use the DMZ you need to know the ip or ip range of the system you want to put in the DMZ. Do be careful as your computer will not be protected by the NAT of the router
DMZ means De-Militarized Zone.

Crystal clear? :D Maybe not.
DMZ basically means that you put the DMZ:ed computer "outside" the router. All traffic not redirected to any other computer is sent to the DMZ:ed computer. This means that the MSN file sending and so on will work just as if the computer was connected directly to the Internet. This also means that the extra protection by the router is gone. Only one computer can be DMZ:ed.

So what to do then. Enable DMZ and type in the IP of your computer into the DMZ IP box.

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