root cannot run "startx" or "startkde"

I'm confused why I can use startx and startkde from users other than root. When I try running these commands as root it returns the DRIScreenInit Failed. Disabling DRI.

Also, I think this may be linked to a permissions problem because when I am inside KDE with another use, I cannot su or change to administrator mode. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance!


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its probably a security feature to prevent you from running your GUI system as the root user which is an inherently bad idea

su'ing to root, is the user you are running as a member of the wheel/root group?

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Strange, I have Debian (Sid) installed on my 2nd hdd and as I've installed KDE from command line as root, I'm able to run "startx" from there. I've done it several times only for test purpose, of course I usually log in as Howling Wolf ;)


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Geffy's right, it is most likely a security issue...but I regularly run "startx" as root in Unixware and RedHat 9 with no prob. I take a look at my work machines tomorrow and see if I can find anything.


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It is probably a new security feature in and would probably not exist in XFree. Which is why older systems with XFree would not have the problem. I tend to never run as root in the first place, but i am thinking it is a security related problem as well.
Ok, I found the problem why I couldn't use KDM. I was able to use XDM which was strange, so I fooled around with the KDM configuration and found an option in kdmrc where it says on a line something similar to:

AllowRootLogin: False

So, I changed it to true and am able to use KDM to login.

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