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Ripping software

Hi, anyone know what I could use to Rip from .cda to .mp3 ? I know all the dam progs like audio catalys and whatever, but I want to know what you guys recommend.




check out MarvinTec's ACXtractor... It'll use GOGO, Lame or Blade encoding and bitrates from 64 to 320, of course...

A little slow,,, 6.5X on my 40X using lame @ 160,,, But I still like it...
some guy made the preconfigured installation of EAC and Lame... it's called SuperiorMP3... to start ripping just run EAC and after extracting the audio from the cd EAC will automatically pass the wave file to LAME for encoding.... great for batch job.... i spent half an hour to rip 12 cds.... let it run throughout the night....

get it here... http://www.lidbom.net/superiormp3/


I use Easy Cd-Da Extractor from pokiosoft all the time and I love it... though I've never used anything else!


i've heard too many bad quality mp3s produced through audiocatalyst and audiograbber. i'd take eac w/ lame any day of the week over any of the others.

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I allways use CDex.

Feature List

Direct recording of multiple tracks
Read track information from cdplayer.ini file
Read track information from local/remote CDDB
Jitter correction
Indicates track progress and jitter control
Normalization of audio signal
Supports multiple drives
Conversion of external WAV files
Support for M3U and PLS play list files
Best of all, it's free


Stick with easy cd-da extractor. LAME encoding (best quality), and I will guarantee it goes faster than any of the other ones.
I know I'm gonna get a lot of flak for sayin' this, so here it goes...

I think that with the exception of a few really bad rippers that are out there, the only reason that you think one is better than the other is because 1) you are used to it and 2) you want to believe that it sounds better, so it does.

I know, I know, sacrilege you say. I work in pro audio and I'll bet that 95% of you guys (and girls) would not know the difference between cd, mp3 @ 128 using product "A" or mp3 @128 using product "B".

Pretty much as long as the Lame or Frauhenoffer (sp?) codec is used, you should be alright. Remember, there are so many variables that go into play when doing anything with sound on a computer. The inside of your case is one of the most inhospitable places that sound can exist. and I bet that there is so much electrical interference in there that any advantage that any encoder has over the other is lost.

Go ahead, let the floggings begin!!!
i agree that most people won't even notice the difference in the sound quality between the LAME or Frauhenoffer encoder or AudioCatalyst and EAC... it's just that everybody wants the best so that we can brag about it... (though i never heard anybody says "My MP3 sounds better than yours")


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Yea, audiocatalyst bites. I just use WMP for ripping and burning, and yes, it is possible to make MP3 (instead of WMA) using it.

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