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Ripped Off!


Smokin & Jokin
Recently, I bought a bumper to replace the one I smashed on the PSOOC forum.
I sent the bloke the cheque about a month ago, he's cashed it in and now nobody can get a reply from him.
He refuses to answer any of my emails aswell.
What are my options here? Should I contact the pigs?


Smokin & Jokin
I found his home website and posted a topic "reminding him". I got a reply at least ;)
He said he's gonna send it down this monday (if I had a pound everytime I heard that one...)

Jewelzz said:
Not if that's what you call them
Thats all they are to me Jewelzz, lying, deceptive filth.
If you were in the U.S. , I'd say to call the state attorney general's office and ask what legal actions could be taken. I don't know what the U.K. equivalent would be though.


OSNN Lurker
I'd agree with LockStock, not a big fan of the police. I'm tempted to hijack the thread in a big rant about why, but I'll restrain myself!

Do you know where the guy is? There might be someone on the forums who's not to far away from him who could go and collect either your money or your bumper?


Smokin & Jokin
His mates say they're gonna send it down this monday, so I presume it will arrive
tuesday. Lets wait and see, thanks for the support ppl.:)


The Donger Need Food!!!!
Political User
same thing happened here at osnn when I tried to buy something from someone. Pretty much I got nothing and was told I would receive my money back. Was told I was supposed to receive the check 2 different times and never got it. The two people I was contacting just stopped responding and talking to me and there was really nothing I could do about it. They took my money and I got nothing.

Hope your time with this is better than mine and I hope you get your bumper. I know I'm not buying anything from anyone unless I have some form of insurance next time
There are escrow services on the net you may contemplate using next time. You place your money there, he can see it's there. Then once you receive your item you can release the money to him. You can not easily just remove your money so it's the best way to ensure noone gets screwed.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
Political User
I still wonder how people sleep at night when they pull stuff like this. I'm digging that service you speak of ^^^.

wish I knew about that. I'll never buy something from someone with out some form of insurance. Even though the money wasn't all that much I just don't like being taken.

Lockstock...what ended up happening when all was said and done?

EDIT...sorry didn't see that tuesday hasn't come yet...ooopss :lick:

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