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6 Jan 2004
this morning leaving for class i am not sure what happened but my box shut off. It had been up for 29day :(
What is every ones normal uptime and max?
I install too much stuff. I usually only get about 2 days max. I think something like 18 days is my longest.
Windows XP has been running 12wks 4days 21hrs 4mins.

This is my new record. :D
[213:~/desktop] davidker% uptime
18:47 up 3 days, 9:30, 1 user, load averages: 0.19 0.14 0.21
[213:~/desktop] davidker%

I think the longest I had was around 14-days on Windows XP. To me, uptime just means you don't have the latest updates ;)
i agree speedy_b :D most updates you have to reboot for before they work ;)

my uptime is normakly about 2-3 days + my max is about 2 weeks :cool:
Windows XP:
Administrator@NIGHTHAWK$C:\> uptime
\\NIGHTHAWK has been up for: 3 day(s), 1 hour(s), 45 minute(s), 41 second(s)

IIRC, the longest it went to was a little above 20 days. Then an update came along. :p
I reboot my box that I use quite often (every 2-3 days normally)... however, we have a Win2k box sitting in the corner playing gateway (sharing with 4 computers using ICS) that's been up 25 days as of now... and was up something like 90 days before we added RAM and obviously had to reboot. It's an old P2-350 with 256 MB RAM, a motherboard of unknown brand, and an S3 Virge Gx2 AGP video card. doesn't even have a monitor connected. 5 GB 5400 rpm WD HD. Part was given to us, the rest is spare parts.
In my sig :)

My Windows PC's are never up for very long b/c WinUpdate usually needs a reboot. I have my 2000 box up for about 29 days until the updates this week.
My cpmouter goes of if i'm not going to be using it for a more than a few hours :) so my uptime is at most about 12 hrs :)
My record uptime on XP:

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