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Right click - send to email



I used to be able to right click on an object in Windows Explorer & Send to a mail recipient, and now when I try to do it nothing happens. Any ideas where I can turn this function back on? I use Windows XP Pro SP1 - Thanks!
When in Windows Explorer and you right mouse click on a file do you not get the 'send to' option with the submenu of 'desktop', 'mail recipient', 'my documents', 'floppy disc' etc


Shamus MacNoob

Political User
C:\Documents and Settings\Kermit\SendTo

The items for send to are in a (hidden) folder there is a send to folder in default , and in each user example above is mine the object is

Mail Recipient

and its attached below I dunno but try one of two things here look in all the send to folders if you find the object copy/paste it to the folder where it is missing or take the one I attached and copy that into the folder and see if that works

You need to unhide the folders of course first



You can recreate that file in the sendto folder just by renaming an empty text file to Mail Recipient.MAPIMail.
But if I did understand the file is there it just does not work.
Do you have the "Sendto Powertoy" installed?


ya that's there but isn't working. no powertoy either. tweak xp may have been what did it, but i don't see anything in there with that option.


Other items in the sendto menu do work?

I have attached a text file with some of the relevant registry settings, they are just the default. If you are familiar with the registry you could compare the entries or otherwise rename the file so that it has a .reg extension, then rightclick merge (If XP is not installed in C:\Windows\ you'll have to edit the text to the proper path first) .

Also try to reregister sendmail.dll. In the Run dialog type:

regsvr32 sendmail.dll

click OK.


Still not working. Nothing happens when I do it other then when I try to send a photo. It'll ask me if I want it smaller etc, and when I choose - nothing happens.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Shooter1973 said:
Still not working. Nothing happens when I do it other then when I try to send a photo. It'll ask me if I want it smaller etc, and when I choose - nothing happens.
Shooter - did you ever find a solution as I have exactly the same problem?

Hipster Doofus

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Welcome geb999.Don't hold your breath waiting for Shooter1973. Don't think he will show up somehow. :D

Did you try whay yoyo mentioned? Start/run/regsvr32 sendmail.dll

click OK????????


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks Hipster.
Yes, tried that and numerous other things, including 'detect and repair' of Outlook, but still no luck.
Interestingly, I made OE my default and it worked, but when I go back to Outlook, problem persists.
Minor but annoying. Hope someone can help.

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