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I was curious at jewlzz's post on the news section of xp-erience.org. Here it is:

RIAA plans will cripple the Internet
(Posted by: Jewelzz at 10:28PM GMT - Source: The Inquirer)
IN THE CORNER of a dark hazy room you hear the whispers of aluminum and copper clad multi gigahertz, water-cooled, and over clocked computing behemoths on an ATM fiber T3 gigabyte network under the command of the most heinous hackers in history, and with only one goal in mind, to hunt down the international P2P network of evil doers.
This gang of thugs is under the command of non other then the RIAA. Sounds like a synopsis of Vin Diesel's next action flick, but this is not fantasy, it's soon to be fact, a reality brought to you by your friendly neighborhood RIAA branch.

Fulle story here: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=5129

but the thing that really got to me, was on another web page, here: http://www.wired.com/news/conflict/0,2100,47552,00.html

They claimed the RIAA is attempting to break into your PC using p2p networks and delete your MP3's.

"It will not be some special exception for copyright owners," Glazier said. "It will be a general fix to bring back current law."
Now how could they do this? I admit alot of my stuff isn't pirated, that along time ago, I bought all of metallica's CD's, not burned from a friend, but bought, $15 each cd. I took them with me to Vegas this summer, and i left them in the car accidently and the cd's melted. I still have them, they just look weird and don't play. So I went and downloaded all of metallica's song. Now how can they tell if i have a legal MP3, from wich i bought the cd, or 1 song from a 1-hit-wonder last year. Will they delete all of my 3.000 MP3's?

"It could lead to some really bad outcomes, like a program purposefully intended to delete MP3s that misfunctions and erases everything on a disk -- ooops," says Marc Rotenberg, director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. "Think a repo man smashing windows and knocking down doors to pull out the 27-inch color TV when you've missed a couple of payments."
So they are trying to break into your computer, in your house, and take YOUR stuff and PERMANANTLY REMOVE it.

Imagine if the RIAA got a bunch of Bad-Ass-Bikers that are all hairy and smelly, then broke into your house, and stole all your cd's.

What's the difference if they break into your computer or your house?

If they break into my house I can shoot/kill/maim them. But what about the computer?

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If they break into my house I can shoot/kill/maim them. But what about the computer?

Try shooting at the computer:D

the truth is that MP3 is killing the music industry, my only luck is that my musical taste isn't like most peoples so I still haveto/wanto buy all the stuff i really like, everthing else I download:rolleyes:


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Well this sort of related to this thread.

The Internet Debacle -- An Alternate View
Musician Janis Ian argues why the RIAA, despite its claims, is not the noble savior of artists when it fights online file-sharing.

check this out


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man...the riaa is doing everything wrong. My idea to the RIAA would be to ADD files to your hard drive, not delete them. How about one evening as you turn on winamp and are relaxing to rammstein, only hear 10 minutes later britney spears.

Or backstreet boys. Or n*sink. Or 98 degrees.

Need i go on?

lol...copywrite drmetallica

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Ahhhh, what can I say, A true artist isn't about the money.

P.S. I dont want to listen to these old guys playng guitar, BRITNEY SPEARS RULS!!! :D :D :D


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Originally posted by Chastity
Well this sort of related to this thread.

check this out
this is a good quote from that article

It's dreadful to think that consumers are being asked to take responsibility for the industry's problems, which have been around far longer than the Internet. It's even worse to think that the consumer is being told they are charged with protecting us, the artists, when our own industry squanders the dollars we earn on waste and personal vendettas.

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Thats Bulls**t.
What if your a pearson that doesnt just admire the new face on MTV.
what if your a pearson who trully loves and apritiats music?
Its not our responsibilety to look over the industry, BUT it can be our choise to pay some tribute to the artist.


Does anyone know how mp3 virius works ? I was watching BBC the other day, and it said, one of the RIAA stratergy might involve mp3 embedded viruses.


This is the worst idea i've seen for a long time, in fact I'm struggling to come up with something to compare it to.

OK, take this situation. I'm online, with my 1500+ MP3's, they delete them. How do they know whether they are pirated or not? I have a lot of my MP3's ripped from MY cd collection that I PAID FOR, but for convenience have them on my PC. What happens if they delete something else that I need?

Here's my personal favourite, if they delete some MP3's of the band i'm in. How will they get out of that one, I AM the copywrite holder, for I AM the recording artist and OWN the song.

The only reason MP3's are "crippling" the industry is they failed to embrace this new technology and sit there like dinosaurs. They've had more than their fair chances to try to take advantage themselves, but all they seem to have done is make CD's that won't play in a PC. Great, if your only source of audio entertainment is a PC.

I speak from personal experience on that, because I'm at uni, I bought a powerful computer with a nice set of speakers and sub woofer far more advanced than my stereo, so I use my PC. I pay money for a CD that will just make my PC crash, well, what a way to tackle the problem.

Instead of trying to kill the issue, which they could never do, they should try and help it's evolution, but that would involve doing something that would need money spent, to eventually save money.

As they say, you've got to speculate to accumulate.

Well, it's their own fault and the RIAA are the petrol being flung into a BBQ, who will be left laughing with a smug grin on their faces?



Ok then... the RIAA is not in the music business. They ensure that copyrighted music is kept from being pirated. Even though some artists oppose pirating music most dont care.
If the RIAA does ever come up with a way to spread some type of MP3 virus (doubtful) It is considered against the law. If they come up with some way to invade your computer, that too is against the law. The RIAA is not above the law but they do have enough money to spindoctor laws and influence important politicians so that they can get their way.
If you think mp3's will go away, I dont think you are looking at the big picture. If done right mp3's can be a great revenue for the RIAA. They will never see it that way and only see it as pirated music. MP3's have been around for 10 years and in the past 3 years it has become an issue. If you want to something about then write you senators and other politicians. Thats what they are ther for. The government does not have an absolute right to invade, infect or otherwise accuse you of piracy and subsequentialy search you property.
In the USA you do have certain rights and also responsibilities. Use them and make them all aware of how you feel. Hell just annoy them and besure they know that there is more to this than just another thread complaining about MP3's and their legitimacy.
I firmly believe anyone who creates something or entertains deserves the right to paid for their services and or their music. Whether you agree with the price or not the artist deserves to paid. If you dont agree with the how much something costs then either look for a bargain (legaly) or just dont buy it. I am sure you can live without the lastest or the bestest cd ever made. If you want to be a real hero I would recommend taking a look at the bargin bins. CD's are very cheap there and some of it is very quality tunes. Dont support the RIAA complain about them to who can do something about it.. Thank you for your time and you will be returned to your regulary scheduled program



P.S. Oh btw .. because you buy a CD it doesnot give you the right you own the music forever. You bought a copy of the recording, and if you destroy that recording it is up to you, if you choose to, to replace it and not justify it but d/l copies not purchased by yourself.


Originally posted by [P§eüðøKe®]
P.S. Oh btw .. because you buy a CD it doesnot give you the right you own the music forever. You bought a copy of the recording, and if you destroy that recording it is up to you, if you choose to, to replace it and not justify it but d/l copies not purchased by yourself.
But if I buy the CD and make a copy of it for safe keeping on my HD then they still have no right to bust in my computer and screw around in my personal business.

I think it's just a scare tactic. I also forsee a severe backlash of counterhacking and what not if the riaa turns vigilante to stop on-line file sharing.


It could all get quite interesting, i personally am just going to sit back and laugh at them. Shall I just call them up and say you've got an email from me, it contains bits and bytes, I want them back because you copied them, then hack them to hell?

They are being silly, they'll be the ones with egg on their faces. The only use for a connection like that, is for a massive game of CS. Perhaps thats how their going to get us, by beating us at games..

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