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Riaa - England - Downloading?

Anything in the UK now where they can Take your PC for Downloading Album's??

Not Shareing just Downloadin!!!

lol Just wondered whats the Catch over here and Downloadin Music???



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I got an email from BayTSP on behalf of Paramount (via my ISP) for having a film shared on eMule and I'm in the UK, so the MPAA/RIAA are paying attention to us UKians.

Made me stop and think.

Then go find a better firewall ;-)

Thing is, if a film is any good I go out and by the DVD so I get all the extras and better quality etc. I use it more as a try before you buy system, as I don't want to chuck money away on crap films, I'd rather support the good films with my hard earned cash.

While this stance seems moral to me, its still illegal to download films (although its not the downloading, its the sharing you get in trouble for) so you do it at your own risk.


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I think BT complained to one of them.
Its because he uploaded Terminator 2 to somebody on a P2p network.
Direct Connect I believe.
They basically said do it again and we'll cut you off the service.


I may actually be insane.
No one grasses you up. Your ISPs are NOT monitoring anything (unless your stupid enough to abuse the network with an insane amount of traffic)

Quite simply put, the music and movie industry, themselves, use P2P, as an example we'll use BitTorrent and Universal Studios.

Someone uploads a torrent of a latest universal release, universal spot this, hop on the tracker and get the torrent, they download it, and then proceed to seed/upload the file, as you can imagine, with the way P2P works, they get many many IP's connecting into them, all they need to then do is note down these IP addresses, wait for them to get the whole film (proof of illegal downloading, with hard dopy evidence in the form of logs) then it they're really picky, they can see if, and for how long the user then proceeds to share the file (proof of sharing a file).

Once they have this information, a standard issue Cease and Desist action is forwarded to your ISP, it is then up to your ISPs discretion what to do, the majority will simply forward the email on, others will send a written warning to be more formal.

I have heard of people getting these letters and emails from ALL parts of the world, don't think that you're safe because you're in the UK, and keep it mind, warnings are issued completely 100% regardless of what ISP you use.

With all that in mind, the biggest protection you can have is DON'T DO IT! :D


I may actually be insane.

I think the whole "download but don't share" is an undefined area in the UK, but I'm not certain.
The thing is, in this country you are legally allowed to make a back-up of media which you have purchased and therefore own (so to speak, laws actually state you are merely renting the permission to listen/watch your media, that's another matter all together though). So the scenario of copying a CD, only ever using the CD-r and keeping the original hidden away and protected is perfectly legal.. and a nice solution if you're worried about damaging your music discs.

Now, digital music.. your allowed to rip your CD's to your computer or portable music device (In theory, there are no laws against this, yet nothing that blatantly permits it, like the allowing of backup) for your own pleasure, therefore downloading should in theory be no different, so long as you own the original.

The major problem here is that say BMI are tracking your download (again we'll say with BitTorrent) they actually have no proof that you do not own the CD, unless of course it's un-released, which is how Universal etc are able to catch more people out, due to movies being released to the scene whilst they're still actually only in the cinema and not available for purchase and therefore backup. Without a police search warrant, they're not going to know whether you own the original either. They can still use their own discretion and say "Your downloading stuff we own the rights to, stop it" however I don't think they're allowed to accuse you of blatant piracy, and if you own the original, well you simply say so, and all is well.

I'm not sure if the allowance of backups is applicable to movies also, with the recent arrival of easily available DVD-copying technology, I think this should be something looked into though. However if it is allowed, then the same as music, if you own the original you should be allowed a copy/backup, but there's no proof from just a bunch of internet logs whether you actually own the original or not.

It's definitely something that needs looking over and clarifying in this country, and hopefully our governing bodies will see sense and follow in the way of the Canadian rulings.
Sorry Speedy but ye be wrong about the *legal* backup senario for uk.
It IS illegal in the uk to copy copyrighted material even for backup.
The law you are reffering to is a resonable use clause that most countries have for copyright saying if you buy a album on cd its reasonable for you to copy it to tape for the car. The uk though does not have this clause, thus it is illegal to do it.
Read that off ZDnet uk a while ago.
BTW I ran Kazaalite.com :D


I may actually be insane.
I've always been told that it was legal, to be honest it seems completely ridiculous for it not to be legal to make a back-up. Do you have anything to prove either way?


hmmm, seems stupid not to be able to buy it... what would be the point to portable music devices in the UK? And if you cant fileshare, then how can unknown bands become popular.. or at least sample their stuff to the public?


I may actually be insane.
Vetrius said:
hmmm, seems stupid not to be able to buy it... what would be the point to portable music devices in the UK? And if you cant fileshare, then how can unknown bands become popular.. or at least sample their stuff to the public?
Unknown bands haven't signed a contract with a record company, so it's still their music, and they can do whatever they want with it.


I may actually be insane.
in America it’s legal to copy a CD to play it in the car, but in the UK it’s illegal. Similarly, ripping a CD into MP3 format to play on your computer is a no-no under UK law.
Har, that's completely ludicrous! Guess I've broke the law many many many times then. Eh... *sips tea*

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