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(Review) COOLER MASTER Centurion 5 Computer Case


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My old case was totally falling apart, and i do mean literally.

I'd been looking exclusively at Cooler Master cases for some time, they do a very nice range of cases from about $40 upwards of almost $250.

I've never owned one but the reviews said they where great cases, so I went with this ones the COOLER MASTER Centurion 5. (it had free shipping and at $15 a pop that was worth it)

I've used multiple cases in the past within this price segment and they are also so cheap looking once you get them and more importantly they are built cheaply.

So it was with some surprise when i received this case to find out that it was rock solid, even the sidings are thick, not the usual tin foil feel.

It is totally tooless, no issues at all about sticking my mobo, hd, dvd drive etc... in and more than that the usual hd, sound, led, pwr switches are all easily identified.

It also comes with an 120mm Cooler Master case fan which is totally silent.

The case also comes in red and blue instead of just the silver. Which also look very nice.

One last thing, which i personally think is the clincher, is that the front of the case is totally mesh, but backed my mesh padding. This allows a wonderful throughput of air to flow from the front out through the back 120mm cae fan (supplied).

So anyone looking for a new case i would highly.......highly recommend this case.

I'll solely be using these from now on when i build customs machines.

oh and lastly, for the first time in my life i didn't have one beep when i first turned the computer on after moving all my parts over. It started up first time.

Heres a New Egg link to more pics....


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I should also mention that the front has 1 firewire port, two USB 2.0 ports a mic port and a front sound port. You can choose either HD audio or AC97 audio for the front jacks as it has two internal cables to connect to your mobo.

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Got about 80 of these on our breadreacks housing our Athlon XP and Sempron servers - these cases make them the coolest running servers out of our entire inventory - plus they look nice :)

Highly recommended by me as well.

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