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If you ever signed up at NTFS.org or XP-erience.org and would like your original join date* and your posts. Please send me a private message with your old username and I will reallocate those posts to you.

The posts have been re-added to the database, but any old posts that are unaccounted for are currently posted by "guests"

I am just as eager as returning users to restore their posts etc.
If I haven't done yours yet and you are certain you should have posts that pre-date January 5th please get in touch with me.

The join dates are all going to be done together at some stage based on the date of your first post. We are still developing the script that will do this!

*original join dates will be based on the date of your first post (for users with more than 0 posts of course) and will be added at a later date.

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