Retrieving the default Shell

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by Junkie, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Junkie

    Junkie Guest

    I temporarily switched the XP Shell off to something else to see how it would look, but now I can't get the original XP Shell back. I know for previous Windows versions, it would just be editing the system.ini, but I can't find a file that's similar to that.

    When I boot up now, all I get is a single explorer window, not the taskbar w/start menu, icons, or anything else. How can I get back the original shell?
  2. DarkSiege

    DarkSiege Guest

    How did you turn off the XP shell?
  3. Junkie

    Junkie Guest

    There's a program called ShellEnabler. I was showing a friend what LiteStep looked like, and what it did.
  4. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Push Start/Run Type msconfig and make sure Process SYSTEM.INI
    is checked.