Retrieving Password for a Protected


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I think so.... is it one that you can bring up as the "concealed" asterisks like *****?

If so there are little programs that will reveal obscured password beneath - they are free and you should be able to google them.... if not then it gets harder. Let us know.


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I couldn't recover it. I tried those programs and nothing worked. I think they are for the whole excel file instead of the protection of the worksheet.


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I use passware myself, although it has a different way of doing things it seems. I ran a quick test to see if it would grab the passwords for a protected worksheet, so I protected worksheet 2 with a password of "test" and then ran the passware program on it. The program came back with worksheet 2 protected by password "BWQMPQHPZCXUXAU", so I plugged this into the worksheet and sure enough it unprotected the sheet. Just FYI

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