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Restrict Installation?

Is there a way to allow an account, on XP Pro, to access the internet (dialup) yet restrict the installation of programs? You are not able to use the Guest account, due to the fact that it is not able to connect to the internet without the administrator account being logged in. I don't want to limit other accounts from running programs, just keep them from installing new programs.


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I too have this problem..

Limited accounts arent the solution. for that you have to "Allow" each and every program to be run via admin account..

I guess what we are trying to say is that is there a way of making the computer users fully accesable to the computer but only make the Administrator account able to install programs.


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That is a tough one ... I am not sure buzzstpoint. About the only way I know you could do that is if you have a network and set the permissions per individual account group. As far as a single PC I am not sure ..

Perris Calderon

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ya, if you download the free version of the kerio firewall, use password protection, you can withold launching of any .exe's

you'd have to run the firewall for a while and set all of the rules to be sure the box could run without any input, but it's do able with the sandbox on this firewall


Dabba Dooba
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If u use the group policy editor u could restrict programs from there.

edit: i guess that only works with the windows installer. It will help but prob not much as not all programs use the windows installer.


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I found that restrict installer.. However if you read on it, it will restrict the windows installer from running. This will only work for cd installations.. for exaple the dreaded weatherbug,, they can download any program from the internet to the desktop and it will run..
what about administrative tools in control panel can't it be fixed from there? you can log in as the limited account user, right click on computer managment in admin. tools (control panel) and select run as and you can enter the admin pwd and you can select the privilages


Dabba Dooba
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yeah i guess what peris said will work. Also in the group policy editor u can restrict the use of downloading stuff with internet explorer. Not sure if that will help since i am not sure you use IE but it might help. All in all perris's idea will work too.
You guys are missing the point. My neighbor has 1 computer and 4 kids that visit whenever. Now he needs to have it set to where the kids have their own account to use, but not have the access to install software. I have tried using the Guest account, but this will not work since the kids need to have access to the dialup connection. The only way that will happen is if the Admin account is logged in, then switching to the Guest account. If the Guest account is restricted from installing software, then there should be a way to create an account and restrict it from doing the same, yet able to dialup. I can not find the setting that restricts software installation.

Perris Calderon

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the kerio firewall with password protection once configured should do everything you want

you'll have to set the rules and never allow on the windows installer and things like that for system security

American Zombie

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Make them a restricted user and they can not install programs.

Start/Run then type in run box control userpasswords2

Highlight their name in users list then click on properties, go to Group Membership tab to get to screen in this picture and tick the restricted users option.


Restrict Software Installs on a Shared Computer

" Short of disabling your CD drive and Internet link, there's no guaranteed way to block software installations. But the following suggestions worked with every Windows installation I tested.

With Windows 2000 and XP, you can stymie installs by having the only administrator account on the PC, if the account is password protected. In Windows XP, select Start, Control Panel, User Accounts. Click Change an account, your account, Create a password. (If you see a 'Change my password' option, the account already has a password.) Follow the instructions to create a password. The User Accounts window is where you create 'Limited' accounts for others who share the system.

In Windows 2000, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, click Change Password, and fill in the form. Leave the Old Password field blank if you don't have one. When you're done, click OK, and then Cancel. To create other accounts in Windows 2000, select Start, Settings, Control Panel, Users and Passwords. Check Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Click Add to launch the Add New User wizard. When you're asked 'What level of access do you want to grant this user?' select Restricted user.

In Windows 98 and in Windows Me, you must use a third-party utility to keep other people from installing software. I recommend the $25 WinGuard Pro; you can download a limited-function trial version. After you install the program, click the Lock Programs tab, and then check both Registry Editor and System Configuration Utility (see FIGURE 1). On the Users tab, change the Setup Password and the User Password. On the Advanced tab, check Lock Software Installations. "

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