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Restore iBook Keyboard Mapping

Is there any way to restore the default keyboard mapping on the internal keyboard? I just exchanged the Japanese/US keyboard that was on the unit when it was upgraded to Tiger with a regular US one, and the ()'s fall on numbers 8 and 9, " is created with shift + 2, and + is created with shift ;... There are a few other issues with other keys, however all the letters seem to be in the right places.

Any Ideas? I would very much hate a reinstall at this point, there is a ton of things to back up/programs to locate the disks for etc...



- geek -
Have you gone into the "System Preferences"? Go into it and look for "Keyboard & Mouse" > "Change Keyboard Type" > follow the steps. I hope that does what your looking for. :)
Try System Preferences then International and the Input Menu tab. Then scroll down to set the keyboard language maybe...
not sure what else to try I've never had this problem before. I take it google surfing hasnt turned up much useful...

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