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Resolution woes

Im running dual displays with my main monitor being a 19"crt and my secondary a 15" flat panel. Im trying to use 1280x1024 on the 19" but the 15" maxes at 1024x768. These settings work and run fine but when I reboot the 19" is always going back to 1024x768 because of the flat panel. (although half my icons are no longer visable and are off screen) I have to manually set it back to the higher resolution and thats getting quite tiresome.

Ive used Ultra mon for some time now and like it but it isnt helping with this problem. Its actually making things worse. Ultra mon always see's the digital flat panel as the first display even though I have it set in windows as the second. When I reboot with different resolutions using ultra mon my task bar is ending up on the secondary 15" and the 19" is still setting itself back to 1024x768.

These are both dell monitors being run through an ATI 8500, if I use the same resolution on both I have no problems, but I really need the higher res on my main and I cant give up the dual monitors, I just cant. I wont. I love dual display!!!!

I know others have done this succesfully, Help me if you can. Thanks.
Thanks Hipster. Gave it a shot but no go. Says unable to restore saved display settings upon reboot. Im wonderin if running the second monitor off of a pci card would make a difference.
quite possibly, altho u may av trouble with drivers for the cards - conflicts etc...

i dont see how the 19" keeps goin to 1024x768 on a reboot, the only probs ive had with duel display is the colour depth...


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k... lemme ask if you are using ultramon/hydravision or just using window's original thing ?

if you are using hydravision you can make changes in the control panel of it... or else just go to display/advanced and change the settings there...

it is difficult for me to duplicate the problem because I have 2 identical crt's and I don't care which is the primary... :(

unfortunately no dvi usage (I have a converter)

but... I would recommend dling and trying out the latest hydravision or contacting ati if it does not work to see if there is a work around...

I understand the frustration about moving the icons around... I used to have to do it sometimes with my older card.. and it sucks... :(
So far I have tried all 3. Ultra Mon, Hydravision, and the windows dual display setup. All 3 work fine as long as the resolution remains the same between the two monitors. Increasing the res on the crt even works fine up until a reboot. Then the crt goes back to 1024x and my icons and taskbar end up on the 2nd monitor(flat panel) even though the crt is still seen as the main monitor? I have to disable and reenable monitor 2 to get everything back where it belongs. The dvi flat panel is definately the problem. Ive tried hooking it up on my second system using a radeon 7500 and different drivers and I get the same thing. I tried rebooting without the flat panel and of course it boots to the right resolution.

I could live with 1024x768 if I had too, but Ive got about 3 or 4 apps that really need to run with a higher res. Is there a way to set these apps to open to a preset res like games do, and then go back to a 1024x desktop when they close?

If not I think I might be in the market for a flat panel that can go up to 1280x1024 but that seems rather drastic.

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