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Resizing in Partion Magic

This should have been easy but...

I installed a SATA 160GB drive recently and have decided to resize the partitions using partiton magic 7.0

3 Partions, all NTFS C: is XP Boot D: has programs and E: is bulk storage.

Except that PM shows 17 GB free and ~160GB used and an option to allocate it??? Yes, it is a 160 GB drive.

The PM listing for C: and D: shows the volume names corrupted.
C:?C? and D:?II the first I has an umlatte over it.
Should be C:System and D:programs which is what appears in Explorer.

WTF? This scares me. Does PM 7.0 have an issue with larger HD's or SATA?
I may have resized once already. I can't remember.


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I have used 8.0 for awhile now, everything I do with it works great.. Don't know what else to say.
What version? I borowed one to try and it's producing the identical results as 7.0 did. I removed 7.0 and checked the registry before installing 8.0.

Unfortunately I removed the 8.0 already before checking the version number.:dead:

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