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Request: Help with funding for FIRST and DECA


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Hello members,

This spring-break there are two events that are happening, one is FIRST robotics (I have blogged about this extensively) and DECA (also blogged about it). My partner and I have made it to the nationals levels for DECA (highest level, Regionals, states, then Nationals), and I have also made it to nationals with my FIRST robotics team 637. I am looking for help with funding required for the plane flight from Newark, NJ, to Atlanta, GA, and then from Atlanta to Dallas, TX. I am looking for around $400. Below is more information regarding the programs.

FIRST Robotics is an organization that is at my high school, which is about building a robot to the specifications and rules that FIRST publishes, and then after a 6 week build period, competing against other robots to try and compete for the nationals level. This year nationals is in Atlanta, Georgia in the Georgia dome. Our team has won the "Delphi driving tomorrow's technology" award, at regional, and we are going to place as high as possible.

DECA is an association of Marketing Students, me and my partner are competing in the EMDM category, which is E-Commerce Management Decision Making, this means we have to take a test, and then we have to come before judges and according to specifications given us 30 minutes prior come up with a way to market something which has to do with online business. If we go through to the finals around, we have to once again go before a judge and pass. My partner and I have gotten first place at Regionals, 2nd place at State and are hoping to get 1st at Nationals.

Why should you help me out? Well, you should help me out because you want to help me further my education and help me make myself look good when sending out resume's. Also, because of the good feeling one will get, by helping me achieve my goals and dreams.

Want more information? Please contact me at xistence@gmail.com.

Want to send me money? Easiest way to do so is use paypal, which also accepts credit cards (you don't need a paypal account), or if you contact me, I will provide an address so one can send a check.

Not sure this is for you? Please do not hesitate to contact me about any clarifications, I will be making sure to take a camera with me so I can get loads of pictures, and on the way I am hoping to keep blogging about my experience.

Thank you for reading,
Bert JW Regeer
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when is spring break for you? I wont have much spare cash now till mid may but I could send you $15-$20 if you tell me where to paypal it.


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Spring break is next week, from the 22nd of April till the 1st of May. FIRST robotics is from 27th of April till 29th of April, and DECA from 29th of April till 3rd of May (I get to miss a few days school).

Paypal email address is xistence@gmail.com.

Cheers guys!

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