Replacing what opens up when you do run -> cmd?


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

I've been on the hunt for a better command prompt to replace the one I hate that comes standard with Windows. I have downloaded 2 applications. So far though, neither had the option to replace what opens up when you click Start -> Run -> cmd. I was able to replace notepad with something called Notepad2 back in the day... so how can I replace a program with cmd?

Thanks tdinc,

That's already one of the ones that I have downloaded. So far the only thing I don't like about it is how it handles itself being maximized. For whatever reason I think when you try to maximize it, it doesn't look at my start bar... and if you have the lock to desktop edges enabled, then you're going to have problems because you'll lose your title bar of the app past the top of the screen.

But I would like to some how figure out how to change it so that application runs when I type cmd. Unfortunately it's embedded in my brain for me to access the command console quickest; not by shortcut. :/
Thanks again... that's the 2nd program I have already downloaded. :p Also does not give you the option to replace cmd, at least during install... I'm sure I could switch applications around.

Btw, that app claims it can do transparency like console... but I can't find the option anywhere?
I don't think you can actually "replace" cmd.exe as it is part of windows. unless you use powershell.

read this as it explains the reasoning behind it.
Hmm... I am wondering if I am thinking differently of how I want to do this. For example: There are programs out there like SecureCRT, or Putty, that people prefer to use telnet with over the telnet that you work with using cmd.exe. I'm one of those people. I'm kind of wanting to do the same thing; I'd like to use a more robust program that is the command console but gives me many more options / functionality.
I could only think of
where it offers a complete detail of the cmd or file system ala Unix

*confusion sets in* :laugh:
rename cmd.exe to something else, name the program you want to use to cmd.exe
Microsoft powershell, its commandlinetastic
If you just rename cmd.exe. the windows system file protection might just stick it back there.

You need to edit your path environment variable to have a directory placed before C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Just make it the first directory in your path (I call mine C:\BIN) ut you can also put the folder location of your installed app

You also need to edit the cmd.exe entry in your registry

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\cmd.exe]

Change the default string to point to the path and exectuable you want to run.

For example, suppose your program is called MYCMD.EXE and is located in


Step #1 Add to the start of your PATH c:\PROGRAM FILES\MYAPP\;

Step #2 Copy the text below into a .reg file and then run the .reg file to update your registry [Don't forget to change the path to your actual file exe and path


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\cmd.exe]
windows file system what???? :p - rename the cmd.exe in system32\dllcache first then, that's where it will copy it back from, when it cant find it there it will ask for the disc, say no :)
if you are gonna click Start, run, then type CMD, why not just "pin to start menu" the program you want to run. seems like it'd be faster
windows file system what???? :p - rename the cmd.exe in system32\dllcache first then, that's where it will copy it back from, when it cant find it there it will ask for the disc, say no :)

If the machine was installed with a network install, you might not get a prompt it will just take a new file from the network share. Or system policies might also prevent changing the dllcache.

Renaming and/or moving an executable may also cause the exectuable to
not work properly. Some programs expect to have certain name and or
path information (probably poor design)

Although, it's probably not a problem for cmd.exe. I would be carefull doing this with other DLL's. If M$ releases a patch and you turn off file protection, and you DLL is vulnerable your system might not patch correctly.

I'm not a fan of the windows system file protection feature myself, but whatever works I suppose.

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