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replacing P4 stock thermal pad...

I've read through quite a few sites and tutorials, and whatnot on how to apply thermal grease, but what i haven't found is anything with regards to properly removing the thermal phase change pad, that came stock with my P4 1.80a, from the cpu and heatsink. I'm making the ever popular move to arctic silver 3 and want to make sure i do it right (insert negative comment about stock fan and heatsink here)... but i'm happy with the results that the stock heatsink and fan have given me so far, i'll change that when i finally burn out my current processor...

any hints or links would be greatly appreciated

i've heard that isopropyl alcohol, or nailpolish remover are the best bet... but want to make sure...
The different substances you mentioned are fine but when i remove those thermal pads i use a hard plastic scraper i have lying about then i just give it a very light polish with the lapping paper to remove all traces and give the cooler a nice surface finish .

A more detailed description of what i do can be found here Linkage (but razor blades can be dangerous)


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that has to be the worst how do do AS3 guide i ever saw. 1st the guys telling you its ok to use paste, or pad or "BOTH" ??? ok.

then the moron is telling you to use soap and water "inside" the PC.

stick with what tony says and use pure alcohol, lint free cloth. if you can then lap the heatsink a little or use an industrial degreaser (then alcohol) the alcohol will help ensure there is no damp left from the degreaser.

The arctic silver web site has the best how to apply guide. imho. and you can buy special gunk to remove the pads. but its a just a decent degreaser with a new bottle and a 300% price hike so we think its "special"

If your using the stock heatsink then there is no point taking hours cleaning and prepping the heatsink. scrape clean it till it looks ok and apply AS3....
Originally posted by baser5nature
(insert negative comment about stock fan and heatsink here)
my CPU rarely goes over 40C, even after playing Q3 for 4 hours... thats with stock heatsink and fan with the thermal tape thing they have on them... I gotta admit, its the best stock hsf I've seen for a long time lol


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like they said, use a razor blade or something with a sharp-ish edge and push it underneath the pad on the heatsink. try to get all of it off in one slow pass. then you'll have a little residue leftover on the heatsink and cpu which is cleaned with isopropyl (91% is good).
ok... thanks for the help... and i do have to agree with the fact that the P4 comes with the best stock solution ever... the real reason i'm switching to AS3 is because i removed the heatsink once because i sometimes let my curiosity get the best of me, and i found out later that that's a bad thing to do without replacing the thermal interface, so i've only ever heard good things about AS3, and that's what i'm doing... my cpu has never gone over 43ºC and that's a 1.80a o/c'd to 2.4, after removing the heatsink once... but that's usually with a case temp of around 27ºC, and now that summer's arriving in my area... i'm worried about better cooling... thanks again for the help...

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