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How do you repair missing icons? I installed Easy Cd creator last night and now all of sudden my auto play icons are missing and the icons from my cd rom, burner, zip drive are that white file thing? is there anyway to get the icons back?
Install XP Power Toys, Tweak UI will repair them. Or you can increase your icon cache size.
I find that most icon issues are solved by deleting your "IconCache" file, which can be found under the "Documents and Settings" folder.
It can also help to speed things up a bit on an aging install.
OkI tired powertoys and nada. I still have the problem. So where exactly can i change my icon cache and or delte the file. I looked under the documents and settings folder and found nothing?
Originally posted by Amergin
OkI tired powertoys and nada. I still have the problem. So where exactly can i change my icon cache and or delte the file. I looked under the documents and settings folder and found nothing?

The file is
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\IconCache

Just delete it. Apparently you have to reboot at least 2 times to get it to re-create.

However, Since TweakUI didn't work, which I'm guessing basically does the same thing, I think you have a different problem, and this wont help.

I'm thinking EZ-CD turned off something like auto-insert notification, auto-run, auto-play or similar.

Think about that, but as a last resort, maybe you could just reconfigure the icons. They are stored in
I have had to upgrade my ezcd creator for XP and it is just not the same,the whole interface is missing.
Tweak UI Repair Icons

I recently installed "Tweak UI for Windows XP" and tried the repair icons tweak...

well now my icons are all there but they all look like sh|t now, they are not the normal XP icons and all I can say about them is that they are like 16 or maybe 256 colors and they dont look anything like they should, and this has affected every single icon on my system and I can't change my icons at all anymore... please help if anyone else has had this problem and knows a fix...


also the file "IconCache" is not in any of our user names and I know they were not removed purposely by any of this computer's users, I think Tweak UI may have deleted the Folder when I repaired icons ... :confused:
Change your icon size, apply it, and then change it back, this forces windows to flush the Icon Cache.

You can do this in control panel > display > appearance > advanced > drop down list
Fixed it I guess

changing my icon size didn't seem to work, but changing the bit rate to 32bit instead of 16bit (which I usually use because of my slow a$$ Ge2mx) seemed to fix the problem. It's strange because if I change my bit rate back to 16bit it doesnt just change the colors in the icons, it completely changes every icon on my computer to some other weird icons that arn't even in the properties "Change Icon" list...

I would be happier if I could have the icons I have now on my old 16bit setting =\
turns out the problem was caused by a program I had installed called "customizer xp" which has a setting to make 16bit icons less colors... I disabled the setting and problem solved :D

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