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removing web dialer from XP

How do I remove a porn Web Dialer program which is in my msconfig, start up tab?

I've removed the program from the hard drive overall but it is still in my start up tab, at msconfig, though now disabled.



yea that would work. also better not browse the porn and download their stuff. but that's for the future i guess
Thanks, I will try that, The worse part about this is that I wasn't even on a porn site when this nasty little program jumped into my system.
I did what was recommended and found through msconfig that the program was located at SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/WINDOWS/CURRENTVERSION/RUN, when I went to that location through Regedit, the other programs on the startup tab where there, but not this one.

Though it is still showing up on the start up tab despite be having deleted the program itself in the program files section.

How do I get it off the start up tab if I can't find it in Regedit where it is suppose to be?


Inactive entries in msconfig can be found in the registry at:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig in the subkeys startupfolder and startupreg. You can delete unwanted entries there.

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