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Discussion in 'Windows Applications' started by Sklok, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Sklok

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    I can't remember how to remove this section right under the menus, heres a pic: [​IMG]
  2. fitz

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    looks like you created a toolbar (or have a blank bookmark toolbar). Check under the view/Toolbar menu and see what you have listed.

    You should want the Navigation toolbar for sure.. Looks like you also have the Web Development Toolbar/addin loaded so it's up to you if you want to leave that toolbar up. Beyond that, if you don't want any others, make sure they are unchecked.
  3. gonaads

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    Right click on the area of the top toolbars and then click "Customize". Then use your mouse to hover over the area that is the blank toolbar. Your mouse cursor will turn into a grabbing hand (like the Acrobat Reader one that you use to scroll up or down on a PDF page). Click and hold on the bar and drag it back onto the "Customize" window. Then click done.

    It probably got created in the "Customize" window (by right clicking anywhere on the top toolbars) that can be used for adding or removing icons (and cutomizing) on the tool bars. There is a button you can click on for creating a new tool bar. Me thinks that's how it got there.
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  4. Bman

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    You moved things up to the top bar, meaning either your Navigation or Bookmarks bar is blank, just right click and uncheck it.
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  5. gonaads

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    Oh damn I didn't notice that. It's his Nav Bar that's empty.

    *dumb look on face*