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How can I remove Internet Explorer totally, so good that everything on the computer related acts as if it never was there! Any help please!! Thanks :)


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HAHA! You can't! Internet explorer is built into Explorer which is what is used for "MY COMPUTER" It's built into the kernel.

Longhorn is supposed to separate the two.


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why the hell you laughing dumbass!!

I heard you can! Its called TWEAKING, means you tweak stuff that is not what you want [or whatever], IE is that!!


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I was not laughing at you... I was laughing about the situation. That is one of the reasons that MS has been battling the anti-trust laws. Please do not get so upset. Sorry if you felt I was laughing at you.


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Just remember that Windows Update and Office Update can only be used with Internet Explorer, so even if you could delete it, probably not such a good idea.


Hi Everyone: I am new member here:

Get this file - 98lite45.exe from here:Tweak File

It is supposed to Remove all versions of IE including 6..!!
Try it if you want to..



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You can't remove it, though if you install XP SP1, there is an option under Add/Remove programs called "Set Program Access and Defaults." Here, you can force Windows to recognize a different browser as the overall default, and this choice should override IE in all instances where opening a browser is required. It doesn't remove it, but essentially disables it for all web browsing activities for your browser of choice.

Attempting to uninstall IE is next to impossible in XP without completly breaking the OS.



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I used the "Set Program Access and Defaults" option thing, and set it to use my current Browers "Avant" and put it so that i dont have access to IE, it didnt work. When I click on msn it opens up IE.. (which means, new problem...getting everything to open up Avant Brower)


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The so called "removing" access to IE just sets the iexplore.exe icon to hidden, I know that I have hidden icons shown and so do other people, so it is a pretty worthless feature.


Here is XPLite : : It is supposed to work .. I have'nt tried it yet so I don't know ...

The thing about it though is that M$ is playing off the totally computer illiterate people by saying that IE is removed when it is actually just hidden.. In xp you can go to add/remove Windows Components and select to remove it, but all it does is delete the majority of icons and hides the folder - I believe it's the same way in sp1 ... either way the above prog might work, have to try it to see ..

Also avant is a addon for IE so if you remove IE you won't be able to use the browser ...


Originally posted by bman™
mmm..dont know if i should try it..ZeeTX did it work for you
yes it suppose to remove ie... but i think this is for 98 and me
It should not be used on 2000 or XP
Those who still wondering how can IE be removed from Windows XP/2000 - Here's a BETA Utility from the same (98lite) software company - XPlite.
It should be out by the end of this month. First look says that this is a very powerful software.

Here's a quote form the Website:
Here is a preview list of most of the Windows XP operating system "features" that our development version of XPlite currently successfully renders into optional components that can be removed and added back at any time.
More Info & Screenshot can be found HERE

Hope this helps..:rolleyes:


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