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I recently renamed the Administrator in XP pro. I know by default, the Admin is not shown. Doing so caused Xp to put the renamed admin on the welcome screen. I dont want it there, lol. I've tried Tweak UI, where it has the option to remove users from the welcome logon, but it wont remove the Admin that I renamed. I've posted this at a few forums with No help so far. In the registry there has to be a value for that. I'm stuck at Winlogon in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon . The reason for all of this, I renamed the Admin to something else, created a user called Administrator with no privs at all on limited account. Doing so might slow down any mischief, lol .. No since making it easy. I know a real pro will just find this annoying.
I've already secured up my Netbios, not exactly like those suggestions, but results are the same. I just want to know what/where is the value for removing the administrator from winxp welcome logon without reverting to classic logon.
If you read APK's article and do what he writes, your system will be so secure AND fast you don't believe your eyes!!!
I did, absolutly bl... FANTASTIC!!!

thanks again APK!!!


If i let my ip-address scanned, the only thing they see is (
I plan on adding a server to my house and was wondering if you had a similar guide geared for people that need to use file sharing and other network apps. While still operating at the highest level of security possible without sacrificing the network functionality. This is one of those instances where school is great but experience always goes so much further... Thanks in advance…. Rod
Originally posted by AlecStaar
Try this:

1.) Logon as Admin, & then use LOGOFF, not shutdown... should let you change the user!

2.) If that does not work, you can hit Ctrl + Alt + Del 2x in a row, fast, at logon & change the user there to logon as! Should then keep that user for next logon!

3.) Use Gpedit.msc, & follow this tree path on the right-hand side:

Local Computer Policy-> Computer Configuration-> Administrative Templates-> Logon & in left hand side you will see "Always use Classic Logon"... this forces things like User name entry!

(I know there is a way to FORCE if the username is shown or not, TweakUI from MS should do that for you, but as to the exact registry location, I am not sure anymore, & I used to know it!)



I see you are using the fake "Administrator" account with whimp privileges & logging attempts at that for hacker/cracker types trying to login in that way!

Read this, on that note, has alot more you can do to set that even stronger on security because using certain commands in NT based Os' can SHOW that is not an admin account & a 'seasoned hacker/cracker' knows that, this will show you HOW to not show ANY of that netbios information enumerations, like who users really are:

* :)


That website link or course does not work any longer. Do you know where the new link might exist on this new domain or a similar page maybe?

This old link:

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