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I am trying to install WinDVD 9 Plus, legit copy.

It says an older version is installed. No sign of it in Add\Remove or the Program files. I ran CCleaner and cleared some stuff out but still can install the new program. How can I fix this?


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I just said, its not in Program Files anywhere, I ran CCleaner (registry) and still nothing.

Microsoft Tool?


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Check the c:> Users>YourAccount>AppData The Local and Roaming Folders.

Ccleaner will remove the registry files but leave the folders.
I just said, its not in Program Files anywhere, I ran CCleaner (registry) and still nothing.

Microsoft Tool?
Despite what you said... did you even try the link I provided?

That is probably the most important as that is straight from the company on how to remove their applicaton...


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I just noticed that link.

I have removed all WinDVD and all Intervideo links in programs and anywhere else, including Program Data and local and roaming. Still nothing. I manually went through all the registry areas according to that link, still nothing.

I have to state, that I tried to uninstall WinDVD from Add\Remove, but all it did was remove the entry. I tried CCleaner and another remove program but said the uninstall info was gone. So that is when I deleted the program files folder, and started doing all the cleaning.

And now I am with this issue when trying to install the new program.


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You might have to go into your program files directory and delete the folder, as well as there is a Microsoft tool for removing apps.

Last you might have to do is open up regedit and search for WinDVD and delete any registry files.

And there's always this:*&p_li=&p_topview=1
Try what he said, looks very useful.

Try using jv16 PowerTools 2009 if u can get it. I find it works amazing, has the ability to uninstall hidden files left behind when u do a regular Win. uninstall


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Or just use something different.

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I own WinDVD, so not an option lol

I would try another program, but I don't see why one work work and not another, in terms of uninstalling programs.

This really makes no sense. Arg


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So I ended up going back into the registry like you said Sheps, and did a search for WinDVD, Corel, Intervideo and all that. Took 30minutes but finally got everything out of there. Even though I did quickly do that.

And it installed ok and everything seems to be working.

I have been using CCleaner for awhile to do registry cleaning along with the other tools. While looking through to find WinDVD stuff, there was a crap load of stuff I haven't used or looked at and removed LONG time ago.

What is the best registry cleaner out there, or best all in one cleaner out there? Cause CCleaner obvisouly does not do a good job.
Great! Yeah, I've had to go into the registry a ton of times to do exactly that. Search for the app and delete any keys that have the name. It usually ends up being my last resort.

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