Remove audio from .avi file


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1 Dec 2006
I got a video of Mobys Why does my heart feel so bad and was wonderin how I could remove the auido from the video as the current is a shortened version and doesnt reach all the way to the end of the track, so a portion is in silence.
I have the .mp3 of the song and was wonderin if that could then be put in instead, i assume i could do that in Movie Maker. thnx


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22 Oct 2006
virtualdub mod can do it... open the video and then choose "stream list", disable the old one and add the mp3


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5 Dec 2005
the audio and video probably won't line up though. you should use avi-mux gui to extract the audio from the avi, then use audacity to open the short mp3 (or whatever was in the avi) and the full mp3 and line them up by adding silence or cutting where needed. export to mp3 (or wav, then encode to mp3).

then mux together with av-mux gui. i would not recommend virtualdubmod, as it has not been updated in a long time and does not handle some containers and audio formats gracefully. plain virtualdub might not be the best way either since it does not support vbr audio.

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