removable disk?


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Help please i need to buy a removable hard drive drawer for school... do i need to buy the hard drive and the drawer or is it combined already? Also any avaiable links send to.Thanx


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LordOfLA said:
you ever hear of google?
dude that is cold man don't do this to people LordOdLA that is colder than a six pack man. I remember a long time ago coming to these forums for help and I got help on the first shot with no BASHING. C'mon now we have to help people out here. Well I have a question buddy? How much room do you need cause i have a 1 gig USB Flash Drive from Sandisk and it has made my life much easier. Believe me pick up a 1GB flash drive from NewEgg like the above statement said dude. I recommend it highly, Let us know how all goes. take care laterz :D:D:D:D


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If I could take rep points away, I would take them from LordofLA.

As for the question at hand, is the best place to look ...


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is that what it is a flash drive or jump drive.... because i have been told that its a full cpu and i pop in a hard drive like 10 gigs teacher recommends .... i just dont know if its only a hard drive or a special little unit. thanx and Lordofwhatever the hell u are, do u mind i have looked just couldnt find so since my friend said OSNN is a great help forum for any questions.. so i look for myself and then ask if cant solve. and the graphics card thing is because i really am clueless in video cards. so yeah but thanx everyone else for your help


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