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Both my wife and I have XP Pro installed on our machines and they are connected via wired network (direct-no hub/switch). I can browse her PC and she can browse to my machine with no problems. I tried using XP's remote desktop feature but it's not working like I think it should. :rolleyes:

We both use dialup internet and when she is on I'd like to be able to connect to her PC and surf a bit or download a driver or something. (I do not want to set up a internet sharing scheme.)Plus I'd like to be able to do some admin things on her PC and she doesn't have to leave the AOL game she's playing :)

I got the remote desktop working ok, except when I connect to her machine, it wants to disconnect her. She is still logged on, but it puts her to the Welcome screen. If she switches back to her login, it kicks me off the remote desktop. Is there a way I can log into her PC while she is on it too?

At work I use Terminal Services Client on Win2k machines. Here, someone can actually be on the server doing something and other people can connect using TSC from their workstations without logging off the person on the server itself. I thought remote desktop was basically the same as TSC? Or is it because at home, there is no actual "server"?

I have fast-user switching enabled as well as the Welcome screen (as opposed to the old Win2k login). Do these setting make a difference?

XP's help doesn't say much about this. Is there a setting I am missing?


i have the same problem, if anyone knows a way to resolve this ...
i've just find that rdp is not fully implemented in xp as it is in w2k, so that could be the problem, any how i keep digging ...


It is normal for remote desktop connection.

Because remote desktop uses every resources on the remote machine. Therefore, it is imposible to have two people login to one pc at the same time.


Or there may be possilbe by changing the setting of the users' member type in Administrative tools.

But anway, I think remote desktop is designed for 1 login only.


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Joey is right ... Remote Desktop will always disconnect the users when a client connects.

If you want something that allows both people to work simultaneously, try RealVNC ... its really small (less than 1 MB) and it's open-source.

Good luck! :)
Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

The part that puzzles me is that at work we use Terminal Services Client and someone can be logged on the box *and* someone can be remotely logged it at the same time. I was under the impression that Remote Desktop was a newer replacement for Terminal Services Client?

Of course at home I am not running a "server" but that shouldn't matter, should it?