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Remote Desktop on Windows 2003

I have this strange problem while remotely accesing a Windows Server 2003 computer. I run, for example, Remote Desktop Connection from a Windows XP computer, type in the server name or its ip address, and click connect. it comes up with the remote desktop and a login screen. I type in my user and passwords, click ok, and the remote desktop window disappears, with no warning or error messages.

Things i have done:
  • If i type the wrong password, a message appears that it was the wrong password, and goes back to the login screen.
  • I have tried using different usernames, creating new ones on the server, giving them varying levels of rights
  • Ive tried connecting from computers on the network or over the internet, from different O/S es (2000, XP etc) and using different connection software (remote desktop connection, terminal services client etc)
  • All of the above things yeiled the same results
Is this a known bug or issue, or does anyone have any idea what it might be?


Computer Genius
champ2005 said:
will that disable 2D acceleration (without 2d acceleration doing anything like moving a window is really slow) ?
nope. to my knowledge, that service doesn't actually do anything useful :D (someone correct me if i'm wrong)

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