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I have been having problems connecting remotely using remote assistance. I have configure both machines to accept conection through Microsoft, even configure the firewall. I works if I was using a computer with SP1 but can anyone help me configure it on SP2.
I'm needing to use Remote Assistance on a network of 500+ computers. That is the only tool that I'm allow to use to administer remote access. If anyone knows any tip's or even info on configuring it. Now I followed the microsoft steps of configuration and even configure the firewall but still no access granted. In fact I can not save the invitation. The only time that I can save the invitation is when I'm using a computer with win xp SP1 installed. Can anyone help me....Please.....I'm losing my hair over

You do know what remote assistance is for right? It is to give some else approval to access your computer. If you're trying to use it to access your pc from another pc, it isn't going to work. Besides, it lags the computer down.
We do not have a domain so I am not sure if we can do Offer remote
assistance from the expert.

I think we need it to be from the novice asking for help by creating a remote assistance invite file for the expert.

If I can get a list of policies that needs to be enabled for this to work. Also if there is any other way to configure this to work, please feel free to reply to this message.
Thanks for the info on the firwall and port 3389. Although I have that setup already. In fact when I goto the Remote Assistance - Save invitation. I get an error message: "A Program could not start. Please try again."

Does anyone know why that message pops-up when saving. Is there any tips on this on fixing this error?


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Check to see if the service is turned on. Type services.msc in start and look for the remote service, and make sure its set to automatic

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