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Religion is the worlds main cause of death and suffering, why do people still follow?


Lord Sphinktus

If you look back across history almost every major conflict was started over Religion. There are too many to mention, too many to blame. It is true that there are some religions that are peacefull, yet they are fiew and far between. It becomes increasingly apperent that religion is not a way to enlightenment and that in most cases it leads to the opposite, ignorance.

My question is why is it that people still follow religion. I seems to me that if you grew up in a well educated liberated nation you would realize that in modern society god has no importance or real application. God was once a way for people fearing what they did not understand to feel safe and protected. Because of science, this is no longer necissiary. there is very little about the world that we do not have the capabilaty to at least attemp to study and understand and in this there is very little we have to fear out of ignorance.

I have had mutch personal experience with this living in america witch has a huge number of different religions coexisting in the same communities. I was raised Hindu by my parents but soon found that I did not trust religion at all. There was something untrue about even the most non violent ones out there. I found more and more that if I beleaved in myself as the god of my own world that I could be a mutch better more accepting and more happy person. I have become more resposible and more kind. I tend to rant sometimes but thats ok since I havent actually hurt anyone for the 6 years since actually gettting this new concept straight in my head. I actually find myself more annoyed with dogmatic religions now for being so absolute and childish about something compleatly anomilous than before when I thought that they where simply wrong and doomed.

I urge people to attemp being there own person and giving up any concept of a devine entity since this will allow you to be a better person now witch is what is real and matters.

Electronic Punk

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It gives people hope, the thought of total darkness when you die scares the hell out of me.

There has always been a voice inside of my head to talk to, and the thought that one day everything else is something I often contemplate.

Let people do what they want, I am by no means religious and have never optionally gone to church tho I did get confirmed at boarding school only so I could skip some classes.
Why all the negativity?

Lord Sphinktus

because this religion thing is soooo hurting our world.

don't get me wrong anyones personal spirituality is fine with me because that has to do with what you as a single person think.

the problem is wit organized religion, witch is compleatly different and operates on compleatly different terms. A religion must homoginize ideas and package them in such a way that everyone can "beleave" them an idea that to me seems quite dangerous, because a person may be intelegent too intelegent to do violent and all together wrong things, but throw that person into a group and that person becomes an ideot starts talking about beleafs and sin and a bunch of ideas that really don't concer with the reality of our situation. That being we are singular people with compleatl different minds and that is what makes us important not that we can "beleave" something that millions of others do.

be an individual follow your own intuition don't let yourself be lead.


Too right, Religon is just a man made thing that brain washes people who haven't got a mind of there own.

All these wars are over religon or that is the excuse for war alot of it is just thugs and hooligans, look at Ireland for example.

Religon is meant to bring people together but it just segregates people and starts from a early age with seperate schools, Cathlic and Church of England Schools for example.

There just a few of my thoughts on the subject as u may of gathered Religon means nothin to me i have my own mind and thoughts and hopefully know whats right from wrong and i think thats the main thing.


Lord Sphinktus

ahhhh aletank

refreshing you are a smart man you can actually se the damage that is being directly caused by people blindly buying into these fantasy worlds where god can protect you and will comfort you after death and actually cares what the hell we do with our selfs.


I agree with EP, and my history with religion is almost the same as his. Religion is hope, and a reason for people to go on. Why deal with all the problems of life if you believe that once you're dead, you just blink out of existence. There wouldn't be a point to it really would there?

Lord Sphinktus

sorry dejav you are simantically wrong.

what you are talking about is spirituality wich involves ones personal beleaf in a mans spirit and the continuation of life after death.

Religion on the otherhand is a way of using humans inate beleaf of spiritualy to exert controll on the most simple of there thoughts in a mass brainwashing situation.

If you are too far in you wont understand at first think hard if you dont and realize you can beleave in god without jesus budda ala or whatever.


Men couldn't explain what they were and what they could see... So they created Gods cause, just like in a compagny, if you don't know the answer, you refer to your superior... As men has no superior, they created it... That's what i think though...

I also think that some people wanted to use this fake power for their own and that's why they created so much suffering in their disciples and battles for exclusiveness.

People say that religion gives you a way of living but i think that this way of living was already inside us. For example, not all musulmans are extremists and not all christianists are peacefull as a lamb! If what you think and feel fit with a religion, go ahead but don't be fool by their preacher who say hell is waiting you and that the end of the world is near if you don't give 15% of your pay check!

As Vash the Stampede say



us celtic/pagan/wiccan people have been tortured, discriminated, and killed for centuries, and we don't hurt anyone. if anyone diserves to retaliate against anyone, it should be us and the islamic people, we were hunted before the church came to power, and then the ilams during the crusades....

heres my thank you to jesus christ...
Well, I'm no God, but I do have a limited power and authority right here. This is now locked. This is not the venue to spout your rhetoric, gentlemen! Most of you have been members for quite some time and have contributed to the forums in a meaningful way, others have not. Anyone signing up and starting flame topics are not welcome here BUT I'll not recommend gettting them banned unless they continue this behavior. Enough said.

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